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COVID Alert!

COVID Alert!

The continued health and safety of guests, employees, and business partners has been a high priority for the management of lti Maafushivaru. We aim to create safe havens for guests to enjoy their Maldives getaway experience and reassure guests with our hygiene and safety guidelines. 

PCR test for COVID-19 

Lti Maafushivaru is obligated and committed to protecting all our guests and employees from COVID-19 and all other harmful viruses, and it is of the utmost importance to us that we identify the best approaches to this without negatively impacting your overall holiday experience.

After a recent official announcement by the Government of Maldives. Effective 10th September 2020, there will be a compulsory requirement for all tourists to have a confirmed negative COVID-19 test result in order to visit the Maldives. The said PCR test has to be conducted within a maximum of 96 hours prior to departure to the Maldives. 

For departure from the Maldives, considering the current Pandemic. Effective 01st May 2021, for all departures requiring the PCR Test, an additional charge of USD 40.00 per person will be applicable. Here then, any split stays between resorts within the Maldives will require to present a negative PCR test taken no less than 24-48 hours prior to arriving in the resort to ensure the safety of our guests and team members

We kindly ask that you carefully check all requirements of the Airline you are traveling with and re-entry requirements to your home country to see if this is something we will need to arrange for you and to let us know on your arrival.

The sample required for the PCR test will be taken by our Resort Doctor no later than 48hrs prior to your departure date, a quick and painless procedure, carefully packaged and sent on to the Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital Laboratory via seaplane for testing.

Should you have any other questions regarding your visit to the Maldives please do not hesitate to contact us, or alternatively, you can visit the FAQ page for Maldives Immigration by selecting this link:

Some things to know?

  • The Government of Maldives will resume the issuing of on-arrival tourist visas from July 15, 2020.

  • There is NO mandatory quarantine on arrival to the Maldives for all tourist visas.

  • Face Masks for guests on the island will not be mandatory. Guests are free to enjoy their stay without wearing the facemasks. However, if you feel you wish to wear it is the decision of the guest's comfort. Free facemasks are available if required, you can obtain also them from the reception.

  • Lti Maafushivaru has a waiting lounge at the Seaplane Terminal available ensuring your comfort upon awaiting departure transition to the resort. Scheduled temperature checks may be carried out during your stay for your livelihood. You are welcome to visit our resort doctor, should you have any concerns.

As highlighted by the Tourism Ministry Circular/ Reference: 88-PS/CIR/2021/36/ Dated: 30th April 2021


Reference is made to the “Public Health Emergency” announced on 12th March 2020, pursuant to Clause 33 of the Public Health Protection Act (7/2012), whereby the Director-General of Public Health is legally empowered and obligated to take specific measures as deemed necessary to control the spread of Covid-19 in the Maldives.

In this regard, as a proactive Covid-19 prevention measure, it has been decided to conduct Active Surveillance for Covid-19 at ports of entry and at tourist facilities, including the random sampling and testing of passengers at ports of entry and staff at tourist facilities effective 30th April 2021.

All samples taken for the said purpose would be free of charge and will be run on a priority basis. It is advised that those with pending results limit interactions with others until a confirmed result has been issued. International travelers may utilize the Negative Test Results for their departure purpose if required and if within the required duration.
Hence, we request all tourists and staff who are selected at random for the active surveillance stated above, to cooperate with officials from the International Border Health, Maldives Immigration, Maldives Airports Company Limited, and Health Emergency Operation Centre, who have been assigned to carry out these tests.

Online Health Declaration Form

Please be advised that ALL guests traveling to and from the Maldives must complete and submit a Traveler Health Declaration form no later than 24hrs prior to travel. This only takes a few minutes and can be found by visiting this link:

COVID-19 Measures 

We have implemented strict health and safety guidelines to combat the challenges bought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. These enhanced guidelines will be implemented strictly throughout the resort in addition to the resort's current existing extensive cleaning protocols. We will be following an extensive guide of protocols set by the lti brand as well as government-recommended protocols to ensure compliance with the Maldives Safe Tourism regulations. 
Highlights of the newly implemented protocols include:

  1. Introduction of a healthcare management team within the resort and thorough hygiene protocols and checks of the resort premises including a routine disinfection process of all resort premises and use of PPE.

  2. Social distancing protocols to be encouraged by all team members and guests.

  3. Implementation of contactless techniques throughout the resort operation including check-ins and checkouts.

  4. Hand sanitiser deployers to be placed all around the resort and face masks to be available for guests and team members.

  5. New and enhanced food and beverage production and service standards.

  6. Educational seminars for all team members to increase their awareness of COVID-19 and best practices 

COVID-19 guidelines